Claudia Heiniger

Dipl. Designer FH
(final degree 2006, FHNW, CH)
Dipl. Primary teacher
(diploma 1995)

“My design is intended to encourage the user to explore and discover, to try out and to play and gain experience. It is through experience that we bind objects to ourselves, and breathe a form of life into them and therefore act consciously or subconsciously to keep these objects for longer. This sustainability results from an intense engagement with the material and the processes of production as well as curiosity for our future.
Postfossil offers a platform to us designers to engage with the future world of changed resources and appear before the public with clear statements.”

After several years abroad, Claudia Heiniger is now living in Bern and works in the public school and as an independent designer. She is concerned about a holistic, sustainable design. Therefore all experiences she made until now are huge base for her inspiration and her work. Mostly she works in different fields of design: product, furniture, interior, graphic, scenario, fashion, art. She works with architects and deisgners for projects, consultancy and competitions.

Claudia Heiniger is co-founder of the design collective Postfossil.