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Save Our Souls

The spinning top shows a tatooed Earth. As in seafaring, the tattoos tell stories and visualize desires and fears.

The desert island motif symbolises arrival in a garden paradise; the reward at the end of a long journey full of deprivations.
Postfossil uses the burning palm tree to suggest an arrival in what appears to be not such a paradise after all.

The anchor conventionally represents stability and a firm foundation. Sailors crossing the Atlantic have themselves tatooed with an anchor.
Postfossil has broken the chain, thus symbolising uprooting and drifting into an uncertain future, which however opens up all possibilities.

Mermaids are symbols of strong female energy. They use their beguiling beauty to seduce anyone they encounter.

The Pole Star
In seafaring, the polestar serves as a means of determining the compass points; it shows the way.
Farewell! Bon voyage aboard the ship to the future.

Postfossil draws attention to the seductive and dangerous nature of oil. The Earth's blood–the source of modern day prosperity–is rapidly becoming a catastrophic poison. Or will we be able to resist further temptation?

Tattoo Design by Jenny of skindeepart

Produced in Switzerland


Limited Edition
Price upon request