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Mira Miranda - standing mirror

The mirror has always been associated with legends and fairytales, fantasy and wishful thinking. Mira Miranda is a wish to give the mirror itself another role and, through this paradox, to draw attention to something else. On the one hand, It would like to emphasize the material–what does an ash tree actually look like?–and on the other hand emphasize that appearances are important, but are not everything. Perspective is just as important...
Mira Miranda is a standing mirror intended for an entrance hall or the bathroom or even the bedroom. The wooden dish serves as a receptacle for jewellery or small accessories.

It is made to standard dimensions with simple joints so that the foot, the stem, then the wooden dish and the mirror mounting, because of their geometries, assume an instinctively correct line and form a natural shift between brass and wood.

Ash wood, brass, two-way mirror

Size in mm 480 x 1668 (w x h)

Produced in Switzerland


  • 1450.00 CHF