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Flag for the Earth by Peter Kruppa

Love Your Earth

Reminiscent of Pierre de Coubertin’s grandiose Olympic rings design for the Olympic Games of the modern era, the five interlocking hearts symbolise a harmony of the five continents, coming together to form a star shape. The hearts represent the love that binds people together. The five-pointed star is a protective symbol and serves as a guide. 

An interesting fact about the colours of the Olympic rings:

The Olympic flag was designed by Pierre de Coubertin and was used for the first time at the seventh Olympic Games in 1920 in Antwerp. De Coubertin’s original intention was that one of the Olympic colours should appear in every national flag of the world. For this he needed a total of six colours, i.e. five rings and the white background. De Coubertin therefore never stated which colours symbolised which continent, since no allocation was made.

Peter Kruppa is an art director in a corporate media agency in Zurich.

At a time when countries are building walls instead of bringing people together to solve the urgent issues of the present and the future, we want to focus on what we have in common. We are all passengers on “Spaceship Earth”! 

We asked five designers to design a “Flag for the Earth”, which is now printed as a limited poster series of 30 pieces each.

Format: 420mm x 594mm


  • 38.00 CHF