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Flag for the Earth by Buero 146

Buero 146’s flag is a synthesis of all the flags of the world. Its colours correspond exactly to the percentage distribution of all flag colours and its shapes make playful use of the traditional vocabulary of forms. 

This approach is quite typical of Buero 146. Although they more frequently design books and images than flags, they always try to penetrate, analyse and understand the content as a basis to find a discrete form for a project.

Maike Hamacher and Tiziana Artemisio (Büro 146)

At a time when countries are building walls instead of bringing people together to solve the urgent issues of the present and the future, we want to focus on what we have in common. We are all passengers on “Spaceship Earth”! 

We asked five designers to design a “Flag for the Earth”, which is now printed as a limited poster series of 30 pieces each.

Format: 420mm x 594mm


  • 38.00 CHF