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Rotation dowel welding

Wood welding projects of Florian Hauswirth and Thomas Walde with the UAS Berne.

Charcoal pile table
Oiled oak pieces in a circle form the base of this simple living room glass table, held together without glue due to the «wood welding» process used in its production. Its shape is reminiscent of charcoal burning and symbolises a charcoal pile where pieces of wood are stacked conically around a stake. The work takes as its central theme this precursor of oil and stimulates thinking about the future.

A chair made only of wood
This chair consists exclusively of wood, without glue.
The joints are made with a new wood-joining technique, the ‘rotation dowel welding’ technique. The heat generated by placing the dowels releases adhesives present in the wood itself – lignin and hemicellulose – forming a substantial welded bond in seconds.
In association with Sebastian Kraft from the Biel School for Wood Technology (BFH –AHB) this new kind of chair was produced.
The chair was designed with the technique in mind. The overlaps required for the welded bonds and the wing-like construction are characteristic features of the ‘JWC’ lounge chair.
Material: 100% beechwood = 100% Postfossil

Partner: Bern University of Applied Sciences, Wood technology, Biel