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De Blanco

De Blanco is a series of porcelain cones that gives us freedom of choice in their function: lying down, the cones give the impression of being a market bag or fruit bowl; when stood on end, like a top; when put in a glass, they look like a vase for flowers etc… utopia of a product, whose point of departure had no deliberate or particular function, other than its own impression, its shape as such. One takes the shape as it is and interprets the function oneself, like a serendipitously found and pleasing object.
The cones were all cast from a single basic mould. The cones were made in various sizes and angles by adjusting the cut of the opening. The raw porcelain contrasts with the inner glaze in natural tones, thus giving the series an elegant character.
De Blanco is a series of objects that is not prescriptive, but consists of shapes that inspire.

Porcelain, outside raw, inside glazed

De Blanco S / black: D110 x 110 mm
De Blanco M / brown: D140 x 140 mm
De Blanco L / grey: D180 x 180 mm (sold out)

Produced in Switzerland


  • 72.00 CHF
  • 105.00 CHF
  • 138.00 CHF