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Grow is a tribute to the home-cultivation of vegetables in urban spaces. The three-part garden tool set is especially suited for working with small pots.

The Swiss eat an average of 85 kilogrammes of vegetables a year. About half of it is imported and by the time it is sold in the shops, it’s already made a very long journey.
A balcony garden in the city can provide as much fresh fruit and veg as in the countryside.

The tool set, comprising a trowel, a dibber, and a small hand cultivator can be used in a variety of ways due to the tools’ simplified shapes and, after the work is done, they can be hung up in a bundle.

Curved chrome steel, turned beech, rolled and trowalised chrome steel, curved and powder-coated steel

Size of set in mm
85 x 40 x 190 (w x d x h)

Now also available with yellow hanger.

Postfossil, Nina Goldiger

Produced in Switzerland