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For Seasons

Chopping boards and trivet

“for seasons” is a set of three high quality chopping boards and a trivet. There is an item for each season. Material and format have been chosen appropriately to what is getting cut in the according time of the year.
On the backside of each board there is an engraved list of all vegetables and fruits that are seasonal in this time of the year.
Of course all boards can be used in any season of the year, but be aware that there is one specific season for every vegetable and every fruit.

“Spring” is made of light maple wood; the large size is perfect to cut chard or spinach, or to serve the first asparagus in late spring.
Size in mm 360 x 250 x 20

“Summer” is made of dense cherry wood; the thick solid board is ideal to chop the rich and juicy harvest of the summer months.
Size in mm D 250 x 30

“Autumn” is made of pear; it is a small eating- or cutting board, perfect for serving a cheese plate with fresh pears or grapes.
Size in mm 250 x 160 x 15

“Winter” is made of cork; it will protect your table from even the hottest pot of soup made of winter veggies.
Size in mm D 250 x 40

Material (provenance Switzerland)
Spring Board: solid maple
Summer Board: solid cherry
Autumn Board: solid pear
Winter Board: agglomerated cork

Hand made in Switzerland