Working across borders

Postfossil is a collective of designers who create and produce objects for the home in the context of the resources problematic and in light of the postfossil era.
The use of environmentally friendly and renewable resources is only the basis; Postfossil takes it to the next level: fossil does not only stand for energy sources but also for social behaviour patterns. That’s where the initiators start.
Our work is based on three key aspects. First, as a platform and through exchange we try to conduct research on materials that assimilate a philosophy for an oilless future.
The second aspect is the production; Postfossil produces its own collection.
The decision to produce ourselves allows us not only to retain the design, but also to manage the production and distribution; another step implementing the postfossil approach.
The third aspect is to engage with the user and the transmission of the postfossil thought itself. To this end Postfossil exchanges ideas with users, leads public discourse and holds workshops.


Anna Blattert
Christine Birkhoven
Claudia Heiniger
Thomas Walde

Former members:

Daniel Gafner
Florian Hauswirth
Corina Zuberbühler
Isabelle Hauser
Michael Niederberger
Annina Gähwiler

Former Interns:

Nina Goldiger
Stephan Wespi

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